Suzanne Salter

Director of Communications

Suzanne Salter and I started working together in 2009, and I am thankful for the partnership we have had over those years. And speaking of partnership, Suzanne accepted an offer to become a partner of MRWM at the beginning of 2020, and this reflects her dedication to you and to MRWM. Suzanne has a unique gift of conceptualizing and executing client service at the highest level; and every conversation I have with her regarding a client is focused on doing the absolute best work possible for that person and making sure they understand exactly what is happening in their planning and investing. Likely, she will be the one in our firm with whom you communicate the most because she has input and awareness of every part of our business: She and I discuss significant events in clients’ lives that could impact their planning and investing, she and Carter consult on the building of financial plans and she and Brayden together keep operations moving smoothly. As I hope you know, one of our main missions is to relieve concerns about money for our clients, and Suzanne plays an important role in that mission by communicating vital next steps to executing our agreed-upon financial plan – a financial plan without follow through is completely worthless; and, conversely, execution leads to confidence in the plan and outcome.

Suzanne has an incredible servant heart which not only impacts our clients but impacts our community. For years she has been a dedicated volunteer at Preston Taylor Ministries, an organization that empowers children and youth to discover and live their God-inspired dreams, develop a love of learning and build joy-filled friendships that glorify Jesus Christ. Even more recently, she began working with CASA of Nashville as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. You are in good hands!

Raymond James is not affiliated with the above organizations and/or charitable causes.