Brayden Oswald

Director of Operations

Brayden Oswald joined us two years ago as an intern, and then after graduating from Lipscomb University, he joined us full time. He currently manages our investment operations and research, engaging with separate account managers like Blackrock, Eaton Vance, West End Advisors and Cypress Capital to perform due diligence reviews of portfolios used for all of our clients’ accounts. Investment operations includes any type of money movement between your investment account and your bank account, making sure IRA contributions are processed in a timely manner, making distributions from IRA’s or other accounts, just to name a few. Brayden also assists Carter in building and maintaining financial plans for our clients; and this has opened yet another area of interest for him which is the study of behavioral economics – how people interact with money on a psychological level. We are all excited for him to pursue this interest because we believe understanding this field of study more thoroughly will help us serve you more deeply.

Brayden is an avid duck hunter, and I have had the pleasure of hunting with him several times over the last season. You can tell a lot about someone by how they hunt – Brayden is rock-solid dependable, does first things first, communicates clearly without a lot of fluff, and is up for anything. We are incredibly thankful to have him on the team!