Carter Hamric

Wealth Management Advisor

Carter Hamric, as you probably know, made the jump with me from Northwestern Mutual (as did Suzanne) to become a partner at MRWM which tells you a lot about him right off the bat. He saw my vision to create a firm dedicated to the music industry with complete transparency and striving to put the client first in every situation; and many times Carter saw, and still sees, that vision even more clearly than I do. He is largely responsible for the “face” of MRWM: he managed the development of our website and continues to enhance its content with the mission of providing every person that sees it a clear idea who we are, what we do, and how we get paid for the work we do. Carter also develops all of our financial plans and has absolutely mastered our planning tools. He and I consult on the planning for every client – considering and brainstorming on how to clearly present the plan, what options are available to you, how to properly prioritize the action items, and finally how to get everything onto one clear, concise page. All of this is infused with Carter’s desire to care for our clients and make a positive impact on them. In addition to the day-to-day operations of MRWM, Carter drives some of the more creative endeavors. He planted the seeds of me writing a book about money management in the music industry and is integral to that dream coming to fruition; and with that he is developing a complimentary podcast concept to parallel the book.

Carter and Lindsay have two beautiful children, Ellis and Essie Tate, and it is such a joy to watch Carter pour into those children with enthusiasm and creativity. We are thankful that he is sharing some of his creativity and energy with us and you!