“Our clients are a unique group ranging from Grammy-winning entertainers to music industry executives. We recognize the importance of having a trusted advisor and are committed to providing world class service to our clients.”


The music industry is built on great songs and you’ve built a career creating those hits.

We aim to help you do these things and more once we put pen to paper on your long-term vision – personally, professionally, and financially.

Artists and Entertainers

We have experienced first-hand how challenging it is to be an artist. That’s why we became advisors. Let us help you pause the chaos, dream big about the things in life that matter most and empower you to pursue those goals with confidence, knowing your financial life is on track.

Industry Executives and Entrepreneurs

We will help you understand your employer’s benefits or help you explore the benefits you can implement as a business owner. It’s all about maximizing the tools you have available to create financial freedom. Let’s start by understanding what financial freedom means to you.